Sunday, February 14, 2010

Finally some pictures...

Okay, so here is my updates for the Lunaracer line. I feel this was a great update by Nike. There was a slight weight increase, but the changes they made were well worth the increase. Some of the improvements were adding a little bit more rubber to the bottom (in an area that was high wear for me), material on the medial side in the arch, some padding in the tongue, and the seams have been moved to the outside. Here are some pictures for comparison.

I have done my best to get the Lunaracer and Lunaracer 2 side by side.

My next write up will be on the Lunar Trainer, however I am not sure if I will include one on the Lunar Elite. I have completed a few runs in them and have gotten some achilles pain with them. I will keep you posted.
Also be looking for a post on my runs in the Vibrams Fivefinger KSO and KSO Trek.
Til then. Happy Running.

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