Sunday, February 28, 2010

Vibram KSO Trek

Well I have every intention to go out and get a nice 5-miler on the trails this weekend. The weather had been beautiful for days and most of the snow had melted in the area. So when I finally made it to the trail I was so excited. Slipped my VFF's on and headed down the 3/4 mile gravel road that leads to the trail head. That's when my heart sank. There was still a good 6-8 inches of snow on the trail. Because of coverage and the way the hills are, the trail got virtually no snow melt. I made it a total of a mile into the trail before I had to turn around. I could not get any footing and my toes were about froze off.

So in the end I did just over 2 miles in the KSO Trek. The good news is that the extra protection really works. The road that leads to the trail has some pretty big rocks and I was able to cruise on through. Hopefully my next attempt will be more successful.

Happy Running

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Becoming a Naked Runner

I am taking another step toward my goal of barefoot running. To clarify a little bit; my goal is not to run completely barefoot but to eventually be able to do most/all my running in Vibram FiveFingers. I will update my progress on this journey via this blog, so please check back often. I have also started a group on Facebook called "Naked Runners" and would love if you would check that out also.

This process is not all about just shedding my trainers for a pair of toed slippers. It is about making running fun again. I think as we grow up we tend to lose ourselves in life, competition, winning at any cost. As a naked runner, I still want to be the best that I can be, just have fun doing it.

Run Happy, Run Naked

Friday, February 19, 2010

Lunar Glide Clarification

I have been doing some research and wanted to put some clarification out there. The Nike Lunar Glide does not use lunarlite foam. I know there is confusion about this, because when I was trying them on I had several salespeople tell me that the shoe uses lunarlite foam and is replacing the Lunar Trainer. At least they got one part of that right, and its not the foam.

The Lunar Glide is based on the same design as the Lunar Trainer however they do not use same foam. Are we clear on that one yet...  The Lunarlite Trainer uses Phylon and lunarlite foam as the name suggests. The Lunar Glide uses Phylon and Cushlon foam. As you would see if you look at a picture of the Lunar Glide, it does not state lunarlite on the midsole like the Lunaracer, Lunar Trainer, Lunar Elite, etc.

Every sales person I have talked to stated that it is so much better than the Lunar Trainer and provides more support.  I am a light person (6'0" and 150lbs) and I can tell when a shoe is firm or not. As soon as I put the Lunar Glide on it felt like I was standing on a sponge, and that wasn't a good thing. Unfortunately if you were a fan of the Lunar Trainer, this shoe will not be a great replacement. Don't let the salesperson tell you that they are the same material.

On top of everything else the Lunar Glide is heavier than the Lunar Trainer. I wear a men's size 11 and the shoe weighs 10.125 oz. The Lunar Glide is advertised as 10.7oz, which is generally for a men's size 9.

Great job on this Nike.

Lunar Trainer

I apologize for skipping this post and talking about the Vibrams, but I was just so excited that my runs in the went so well I just had to get it out.

Now onto the Nike Lunar Trainer. This shoe by far has been the best shoe I have ever run in. I wear a size 11 and it comes in just about 10oz which is pretty good for such a soft trainer. I feel comfortable going out for a short 3 mile run and have taken it out for a 15 miler and had no problems. I have about 200 miles on this pair and they still feel brand new. The shoe does look a little wide in the toe box, but there is a very short rise which stop any sloppy feel that one might expect. This shoe works great for neutral/efficient runners as well as those that slightly pronate. The Trainer does not have any posting, but the lunarlite sole is wide enough to provide a stabile ride.

A brief caveate: I am not a medical professional, just someone that has tried many shoes and I talked with many runners. This is what works for me, you should always find what works for you.

The only problem with the Lunar Trainer is that Nike is not going to be making it any more. There are several online retailers that still have them in stock and prices are actually pretty reasonable. The only thing that is keeping me from stocking up on a couple of pairs is that I am in the process of switching to the Vibram FiveFingers and would eventually like to do most of my running in them. However, the Lunar Trainers are my go to shoes when not running in the Vibrams.

As I had mentioned before, I was not sold on the Lunar Elite. In fact I ended up sending them back. The shoe was a good ounce heavier than the trainer, and the lunarlite midsole was significantly stiffer than the Lunar Trainer. Even the add rubber to the bottom could not account for the stiffness. The dynamic support was a little overboard even for me. I am a midfoot runner and this shoe pushed me to the outside of my foot and overall just hurt my feet and achilles. There are many other support shoes out there that will work so much better. I would try the Asics DS Trainer 15, New Balance 904/905 or the Mizuno Elixir.

Cheers and happy running.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Vibram FiveFingers

The past two weeks have been the most exciting for me in some time. Last week I did my first official road run (well a warm-up run) on macadam. Because of the snow it was a little slower than desired, but was able to complete 1.24 miles at about an 8:15/mile pace. The best part about it there was no soreness or pain.

Just a bit of a sidebar. I have worn my Vibrams for daily use for over a year and have done several cool down trail runs with them as well.

Okay back to my previous thought. This week I just compeleted my 2nd and 3rd runs in my Vibrams. I ran 1.01 mile at 8:30/mile and 2.54 miles at 7:51/mile. The feet feel great, but with this last run my legs are a little sore. I think with a little roll on the TP Therapy rollers I will be just fine.

Just to give you an idea of what I am running in. I currently have the Vibram FiveFinger KSO and the KSO Trek. I can not wait to get the Trek's out on the trail. My next post will include pictures and some more information that I experience and can dig up with the runs. Stay tuned...

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Finally some pictures...

Okay, so here is my updates for the Lunaracer line. I feel this was a great update by Nike. There was a slight weight increase, but the changes they made were well worth the increase. Some of the improvements were adding a little bit more rubber to the bottom (in an area that was high wear for me), material on the medial side in the arch, some padding in the tongue, and the seams have been moved to the outside. Here are some pictures for comparison.

I have done my best to get the Lunaracer and Lunaracer 2 side by side.

My next write up will be on the Lunar Trainer, however I am not sure if I will include one on the Lunar Elite. I have completed a few runs in them and have gotten some achilles pain with them. I will keep you posted.
Also be looking for a post on my runs in the Vibrams Fivefinger KSO and KSO Trek.
Til then. Happy Running.