Friday, February 19, 2010

Lunar Glide Clarification

I have been doing some research and wanted to put some clarification out there. The Nike Lunar Glide does not use lunarlite foam. I know there is confusion about this, because when I was trying them on I had several salespeople tell me that the shoe uses lunarlite foam and is replacing the Lunar Trainer. At least they got one part of that right, and its not the foam.

The Lunar Glide is based on the same design as the Lunar Trainer however they do not use same foam. Are we clear on that one yet...  The Lunarlite Trainer uses Phylon and lunarlite foam as the name suggests. The Lunar Glide uses Phylon and Cushlon foam. As you would see if you look at a picture of the Lunar Glide, it does not state lunarlite on the midsole like the Lunaracer, Lunar Trainer, Lunar Elite, etc.

Every sales person I have talked to stated that it is so much better than the Lunar Trainer and provides more support.  I am a light person (6'0" and 150lbs) and I can tell when a shoe is firm or not. As soon as I put the Lunar Glide on it felt like I was standing on a sponge, and that wasn't a good thing. Unfortunately if you were a fan of the Lunar Trainer, this shoe will not be a great replacement. Don't let the salesperson tell you that they are the same material.

On top of everything else the Lunar Glide is heavier than the Lunar Trainer. I wear a men's size 11 and the shoe weighs 10.125 oz. The Lunar Glide is advertised as 10.7oz, which is generally for a men's size 9.

Great job on this Nike.


  1. I'm looking at my pair of LunarGlides right now (the men's grey and black version), and they do in fact say "LunarLite" on the midsole (it's written on the inside near the arch on a hard plastic overlay).

  2. Chase, thank you for clarifying that, I did miss that on my first inspection of the Lunar Glide. I have sent an email to the Nike sales rep asking whey they still print Lunarlite on the midsole, when he was the one that pointed out the foams are different.

    I am trying to track down a defective pair of Lunar Glides so that I can cut them in half along with an old pair of Lunaracers that I have, so that I can give cross-section pictures. When the rep was in he had a cross-section of the Lunar Glides and the Lunar Trainer. The Glides appeared to be just foam, where the Lunar Trainer midsole was a gummy material (lunarlite foam) surrounded by another thin layer of foam. Lunarlite foam breaks down when exposed to the environment, so it is surrounded with a more stable foam.

    I will be sure to update this post when I hear back from Nike and when I can get some cross-section pictures up.

    Thank you again for your clarification.